Waxing During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, the hormones in the body change and this can lead to more hair in unwanted places on their body. We at Molliént have had a lot of questions about this and therefore we have chosen to write this post to answer the most common questions that many of you are considering.

Is it dangerous to wax when you are pregnant?

No! It is not dangerous for either you or your child if you grow up when you are pregnant.

How do you wax?

When you are pregnant you should wax in the same way as when you are not pregnant. There are, however, some things that you can think of:

  1. When applying the wax to a sensitive area such as the stomach, do not apply with too much pressure.
  2. As the skin becomes extra sensitive during pregnancy, it is important that you allow the wax to cool a little extra than usual before applying it to the skin.
  3. If some areas of the body are difficult to access, you should ask someone for help instead of growing yourself. Otherwise it will be great to grow yourself. Not sure how to use our wax? Read our post about that: PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS

Why Molliént?

Molliénts strip-free wax: WAX PEARLS works as if it adheres to your hairs instead of your skin, allowing a hair removal without damaged skin or a painful experience. As mentioned before, the skin is more sensitive than usual during pregnancy and for this reason, the gentle wax, WAX PEARLS, is the optimal option for those who are pregnant.


The next time you choose to grow you, you should keep these points in mind, just because it will work as well as possible for you.

Good luck and congratulations in advance!

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