Tips for Waxing at Home

If you are someone who waxes yourself often, there are some routines that you should include in your habits. If you follow these tips, your skin will not only be soft and silky smooth after waxing but also hair-free for up to 6 weeks.


It is important that you wash and scrub before waxing to remove dirt and dead skin cells. We recommend that you also exfoliate the area that you have waxed 2-6 days after waxing; the main thing is to regularly keep the area clean to avoid dead skin cells. By washing the area after waxing, you help the hair grow back freely and also avoid ingrown hairs.

Moisturize your skin

It is always important to moisturize your skin, especially the areas where you usually wax. Moisturize the skin to make it stronger and smoother while the hair begins to grow.

Avoid tight-fitting clothing

We highly recommend that you avoid tight-fitting clothing for at least a week after waxing. This is because when your hair is trying to grow out again, it is good to keep the area free, so that the hair can grow uninhibited. Having something blocking your hair from growing can make it easier to get ingrown hairs.

Do not shave between waxing times

It is understandable that sometimes when your hair starts to grow and becomes too visible, you just want to remove it as soon as possible. You can’t stop yourself from taking the razor and removing the unwanted hair. We recommend that you don’t do this since shaving can cause the hair follicles to thicken, and it will end up making the hair thick and uncomfortable.

Since you have kept your skin clean and smooth after your waxing, these hairs that have grown out will probably not disturb you, so it is better to let them grow to the right length so that you can wax yourself properly again.

New hair removal method

If waxing has become your new hair removal method, these tips should be part of your routine. If you follow these tips, you will always go around with silky smooth and fresh skin.

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