How to Use Wax Pearls


1. Pour your Molliént wax pearls in your wax heater. Place the lid on top and turn the temperature knob to High.

2. Once your wax has melted, turn the temperature knob to slightly above Medium and remove the lid.

3. Wait 5-15 minutes until the wax reaches the right temperature. Smooth it out with a mix and aim for an even consistency, just like really thick honey

4. Place some wax on your wrist and make sure that the wax is not too hot. It should be warm and comfortable. If it’s too hot, simply wait a few more minutes.


1. Use your Molliént wax stick to apply an even layer of wax on your skin. For longer hair (e.g. arms, legs) apply along the direction of your hair growth. For shorter hair, apply against the direction of your hair growth.

2. Wait about 20-30 seconds until the wax stiffens and is no longer sticky when touched.

3. Once the wax is just stiff enough, grab the end of the strip and pull it quickly against the direction of your hair growth.

If you happen to have hair growing in different directions, don’t worry. Due to the gentle qualities in our wax pearls, you can simply apply multiple layers on the same area and remove them in different directions.

4. When finished waxing, use Molliént Aftercare Wipes to ease your skin and remove any small wax residue that may remain on your skin.

Extra Tips:

  • Leave the edges of your wax strip slightly thicker for easier removal.
  • Stretch your skin nearby the wax strip before peeling it off.
  • Peel as close to the skin as possible rather than away from it.
  • As a beginner, we recommend applying extra thick layers until getting the proper hand of how our wax works.
  • If you have large pieces of wax left on your skin, you can simply apply additional layers of wax on top of them.

Most importantly: Have fun! Play with your wax, get to know its properties and don’t be afraid to experiment. With little time invested in learning the correct techniques, anyone can achieve salon perfect smoothness from home.

Enjoy your Molliént wax experience!

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