Four Benefits With Molliént Wax

Molliént wax pearls are produced by a mix of high quality resins, nutritious coconut oil and beeswax. The result will is hard wax pearls that you simply can’t get enough of!

We believe that wax pearls have predominant advantages over soft wax. Its effectiveness, however, is directly correlated to its quality. Therefore, we look at our high quality production as the key to creating the very best wax in the Swedish market.


Four benefits

Wax pearls attaches on the hairs, not on the skin!

Unlike soft wax, which requires the use of strips, our wax pearls require nothing besides a little heat and technique. When you have applied the wax and let it dry it attaches on the hairs and is transformed into something that looks like flexible plastic. The wax only attaches to your hairs and not your skin, for a more simple, soft and painless hair removal.


Wax pearls do less hurt!

Since the wax pearls do not stick to the skin, the removal is considered less painful. Instead of worrying about rashes, incisions and irritations of the skin, you only feel the removal of your hairs.


Wax pearls do not ruin the hair follicle!

Just like soft wax, our wax pearls take away the hair from the root, so it takes longer for the hair to grow back compared to shaving. But the uniqueness of wax pearls is its ability to remove hair from any angle. If you use the soft wax to remove the wax at the same angle as the hair growth, there is a risk of distorting the hair follicle What do you do when the hair grows in different directions? With Molliént wax pearls you can simply apply multiple layers of wax on the same area and remove them in different directions without harming your skin or hair follicles.


Wax pearls are more accurate!

Wax pearls can be reapplied in the same area again under the same waxing session If a few hairs are missing, usually with a soft wax use tweezers to complete the process. But when using wax pearls you simply apply a thin layer to the area and remove it again with minimal pain and no pilling.

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